Bertolini Polypumps

The future of a Company, very often, is written in its past.
If you recall Bertolini started as a basement operation in 1918; we can look back nostalgically to the time when the founder, Ugo Bertolini, dreamt to relieve the burdensome work thanks to the help of mechanics, increasing the fertility and the yield of crops.

Years went by and till the 70’s pumps had some technical limits: cumbersome, extremely noisy and difficult to maintain.
Therefore Bertolini, prompt to fill the needs of the market, revolutionised the design and created new pumps to do better job; they were smaller, lighter and easier to handle, with much lower noise levels, incorporating components which were easily accessible for repair or replacement


The Company continued to expand developing new technologies patented and not, such as:

>the first plunger pump operating at 3450 R.p.m., unknown until 1990;

>the first plunger pump with unloader valve built-into the head

the first diaphragm pump made of polypropylene for use with acids and liquid fertilizers, patented in the USA, too.

These are a few of many examples that brought prestige to our engineering research and that made us different as product and Company brand.

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